The family unit is the cornerstone of society.

The Constitution of the United States was ordained and established to “secure the blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity”. The posterity of United States citizens – our future generations of children – are the most valuable resource given to us by our Creator.” 

Our youth are important to the construction, protection, and maintenance of our country. It is essential we provide them with every opportunity for security, education, health, craftsmanship, and good character.

Be It Resolved: Exploitation of our youth, abuse of our children, whether physical, sexual, or as a commodity for financial or political gain in any form is abhorrent, never to be tolerated, and worthy of the strongest law enforcement and punishment.

Our families – every man, woman and child – are needed and valued in all social, educational, cultural, political and economic facets of life.  The ways in which our citizens are alike as well as the ways in which they are different are celebrated, respected and protected. 

One of the ways we respect and celebrate our differences is to understand the special nature and purpose of each unique man, woman and child. Each brings to a relationship a unique perspective and character. The stable union of a child’s biological mother and father is known to be the heart wish of most all children. Parents have the right and responsibility to raise, nurture, educate, and discipline their children. Whenever possible, this is the preferred and most emotionally nurturing environment. When not possible, we do the next best thing for the life and well-being of the individual child. It is important for the social fabric of our nation that we support safe, loving environments for children of every heritage and background – but government entities cannot assume jurisdiction over children without parental permission or due process.

Be It Resolved: Our children, born and unborn, are entitled to the “Blessings of Liberty” and constitutional protection from the time of conception until natural death.