Law and Order


‘Dakotans for Honesty in Politics’ recognizes the financial burden placed upon society by criminals. Therefore, we support requiring inmates, to the extent they are capable, to perform labor or otherwise contribute to the cost of their incarceration.


  • We support requiring criminals, regardless of age, to make restitution to their victims.


  • We support the early rehabilitation of juvenile offenders, with an emphasis on teaching and modeling responsibility and accountability.


  • We support public registration of convicted sex offenders and stronger legislation to prohibit production and distribution of child pornography.


  • We call upon not only our national, state and local leaders, but also our citizens and community organizations to increase effort to stop illicit drug use. The obvious and rampant destruction of community, family and individuals as a result of drug abuse confirms this is not a matter of “personal freedom,” “pursuit of happiness,” or a “victimless crime.” Drug addiction is not “happiness” or “victimless” for the user, their family or community.