Our children and families are among our greatest resources. In a healthy society, the distinct gifts and talents of each individual are valued and encouraged.  Educational resources need to be within easy reach of all U.S. citizens, from early childhood reading and math skills to graduation of students with employable skills. We support all forms of higher education, including vocational programs and continuing education programs, and recognize the need for alternatives to college educational programs.

Successful education is the joint responsibility of the individual, family, and local community, but educational authority begins at home. The U.S. Supreme Court has twice determined that parents have first and primary authority in the care and upbringing of their children (Meyer v. State of Nebraska (1923) and Pierce v. Society of the Sisters (1925) ). The Federal Government must not interfere with that right. We oppose federal government usurpation of parental authority, or interference in local schools.

Competition produces excellence.  Parental choice in schools – whether public, private, parochial, or homeschool – should be encouraged as competitive options for educating children and are in their best interest.

In the interest of maintaining unity within our society, retaining a system and sense of justice, insuring domestic tranquility, and providing for common defense, we support daily use of the Pledge of Allegiance, proper display of the American and state flags, the comprehensive teaching of the meaning, reasons and purposes of the United States Constitution, and active promotion of patriotism in our schools through curricula and activities.