The United States of America uses a system of free enterprise and capitalism where individuals work for profits and rewards.  We support the right of employers to assess their own needs and hire freely, and we oppose government interference in the running of private business.

By the same token, we oppose government bail outs of private business when an owner makes a bad decision.

‘Dakotans for Honesty in Politics’ believe:

  • Free enterprise and individual initiative have brought this nation strength, growth and prosperity. We encourage the strengthening of our markets. A competitive market, free of governmental competition, restriction, coercion, or interference, is critical to our nation’s well-being.
  • A tax structure that encourages business investment in research, development, and equipment is vital.
  • Employees profit best from a strong economy and a favorable job market.
  • A strong, healthy labor force is vital to expanding a job market.
  • The worker is entitled to the product of his or her efforts.
  • Government take-over of private property or investment expectations should rarely be done and only for overwhelming community need that cannot be met any other way. Full restitution must be made, including reimbursement of legal and interest expenses.