God has endowed each member of our society with distinct gifts and talents. In a healthy community, individual talents are valued equally, are brought together to work toward common goals, and are fairly compensated.

We oppose discrimination based on non-skill related factors and support honest assessment of the talents needed for any job or position. Therefore,

  • Affirmative Action and hiring quotas are inherently discriminatory and must cease.
  • Public employees should be hired, retained, and promoted based on individual merit.
  • Because taxpayers in many localities cannot afford the contracts signed by public officials, public employees should be fairly and equitably compensated through rates of pay and benefits comparable to those paid by private industry for similar jobs.
  • Workers threatened by plant closings can be encouraged to buy their plants and operate them as cooperatives.
  • Under the Constitution, citizens have a right to Life, Liberty, and association and should be free to support themselves. ‘Dakotans for Honesty in Politics’ support an employee’s right to work without membership in a labor union.

We advocate labor union reform requiring unions to elect officers by secret ballot, limit salaries of union officials, reveal potential financial conflicts of union officials, allow opposition groups to organize, and allow periodic audit of Union financial statements.