Oct 082016

ARE YOU KIDDING ME?? The GOP wants Trump to drop out of the race????

Hillary has a mountain load of obvious corruption going on and has proved without a doubt she has been totally inept as an office holder – but no one calls for her to quit the race. Nope. But dig up a decade old tape of Trump with a potty mouth – and the GOP ‘leadership’ (if you can call it that) has a meltdown?

The only thing that many of us lower rung, average, middle-America people can guess from the reaction of the GOP elite is that they are doing everything they can to maintain their gravy train, even if it means putting horrifically corrupt Clinton into office.

You want us to believe this is about the degrading of Women? Or as Mitt Romney put it, “…vile degradations” demeaning “our wives and daughters” and corrupting “America’s face to the world”? As IF that isn’t what Bill and Hillary Clinton have already done?

QUESTION: Imagine, readers, if you will, that your boss is inviting women into his office for sex several times a month. Seriously try to imagine it.
– Imagine further that some of these women are your co-workers.

Would you feel disgusted, appalled, angry? Or would you smile, go about your job – and tell yourself it’s none of your business and doesn’t affect the workplace at all?

How many men have been rightfully sued for sexual harassment in the workplace? There is a general understanding of power issues involved. But even if we choose to perceive the behavior of your boss as consensual…

…Do you still feel at ease when there is a possibility of the Boss’ wife showing up unannounced, and you will have to decide whether you should distract her from going in? …She is a powerful woman. Standing in her way would not be comfortable or easy – and might even feel dangerous to your job. Maybe…maybe you should be on her side because you know how angry she might be at the entire office for helping him…

…Or …or…maybe she already knows… and will she be angry at you for NOT helping him in maintaining the secret… After all – you have seen how she has reacted to women in the past who have made it public that he has molested or raped them – you know how angry she can be. She has viciously and publicly destroyed them.

– – Would you KNOW how you should act? Would you truly be entirely comfortable with what was going on in your workplace?

It is unbelievable that so many people give the Clintons a pass on their behavior.

This is NOT defending the bad behavior of Trump. But we’ve all known who he is for years. We went into this election KNOWING he is a cad. Yet now the power brokers are jumping on a years old tape as an excuse to demand he quit the race? Why are these people pretending his behavior is a sudden surprise??

– And WHY are these people SERIOUSLY pretending the Clinton’s are better??

Not only has Bill Clinton done much worse than Trump in relation to women – right in the Oval Office, no less – but Hillary Clinton deliberately destroyed the reputation of every women he raped who dared to come forward and say what he did. People should read the book by the Secret Service Agent who manned the Oval Office door during the Clinton years to begin with – and then if one needs more – read the many well-documented publications, Congressional hearings and court records concerning the Clintons over the last 30 years.

Unbelievable that the GOP elite is all in for the Clintons – despite everything the Clintons have done – from women to crime and corruption – not to mention their willingness to continue supporting the current insane LGBT agenda, murder unborn children for profit, and appoint three leftist Justice’s to the Supreme Court. It is beyond understanding how the GOP elite could embrace all that.

We are done with the power brokers from both parties. The Jeb Bush’s and Mitt Romney’s can take a flying leap, right along with their friends, the Clintons. We never want to see any of them in office again. We want genuine change!

Trump – as blemished as you have been – you are our only real hope of making DC different. DO NOT GIVE IN TO THE GOP ELITE.

(Not to mention… we do believe you have made some changes in your heart, which is much more than the Clintons have done. Their hearts remain just as they have always been.)

PEOPLE: Read the words of the Secret Service agent stationed at the door of President Clinton’s Oval Office, who was appalled by the behavior he witnessed from the first family and alarmed by the constant security issues resulting from the behavior. It wasn’t just about a president’s private, personal life; it was happening in the workplace, compromising issues of security, obvious to many, and forcing several staff to even participate… forcing them to choose between personal integrity and obedient cover up…

“Crisis of Character” by Gary J. Byrne, New York: Hachette Book Group, 2016.


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