Sep 282016

There is a ridiculous lie going around that Rep. Kevin Cramer doesn’t want elderly, children and disabled to get help buying food. Only an extremely naive and silly person would believe this.

Kevin wants able bodied men under age of 50 or so – who don’t have dependents – to have to be in training for a job, looking for work or doing community service in order to get food stamps.

(FACT is – even if a man HAD dependents, he should be doing these things. In fact – if he has dependents – all the more reason for him to be doing these things! Rep. Cramer’s proposal was the lightest of possible suggestions for improvement of the system.)

Nevertheless, that was what was proposed, but didn’t pass house – because too many in Congress are afraid to vote for things that make too much sense. TOO afraid of being tarred and feathered, as the left is trying to do to Congressman Kevin Cramer.
His opponents have twisted this and sold the lie that he was trying to take food out of the mouths of children and elderly. This kind of blatant deceit from the left has to be called out.

As to the quote he used: Congressman Cramer did use the 2 Thessalonians verse – ‘if you don’t work you don’t eat.’ There is nothingwrong with quoting wisdom – no matter where the wisdom comes from.

(And despite attacks on Christianity, there are still millions of people in the U.S. who appreciate Scripture – and not only KNOW Jesus Christ is our savior, but have experienced the reality of Jesus in our lives. Many of us are very tired of the constant attacks by people who have never experienced Jesus Christ and therefore, just because they haven’t, think no one else really has either.)

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